About the Alexander Technique

Lessons in the Alexander Technique offer us the chance to become aware of our habitual reactions and unhelpful patterns of body tension in everything we do. With our busy and stressful lifestyles, we rarely give ourselves the time to stop and think about whether we are using ourselves in the most efficient and natural way.

An excessive amount of muscular tension is present in the simplest of movements and we unknowingly throw ourselves out of balance, which in turn affects our energy levels and increases the wear and tear on our bodies. Pain and stress may occur and in some cases, lead to surgical intervention. By learning the Alexander Technique, we can re-educate ourselves and regain the effortless freedom, poise and co-ordination that we have as children.

There are many reasons why people learn this technique which include:

  • Improving posture
  • Reducing/preventing pain such as in the back, neck or shoulders
  • Wanting to improve a specific skill such as sport, playing an instrument, public speaking
  • To connect more with the world around them by bringing more consciousness into their lives
  • To feel calmer, more grounded and confident

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