Back Pain

Back pain is a major problem in the UK, particularly as many jobs involve sitting all day. Such sedentary work can lead us to ‘fix’ our muscles and put strain on the spine, which causes extra pressure on the intervertebral discs and can lead to other issues such as RSI or chronic neck pain.

Millions of working days are lost each year, costing the economy and health service billions of pounds. Back and neck pain affects more than 80% of the population and musculoskeletal disorders are the leading causes of sickness absence.

I’ve seen osteopaths and chiropractors in the past for my back pain. Both seem to fix the problem, but then it always comes back. I was starting to feel - aged 31 - that I should just learn to live with the pain as a part of life. But the Alexander Technique is helping me to become aware of what’s causing the pain in the first place, to alleviate the symptoms and, slowly, to change my behaviour to stop it happening at source.

Jon, Producer, BBC

In 2008, the BMJ published results of randomised controlled trial, which showed that individual Alexander Technique lessons from a registered teacher have long-term benefits for patients with chronic back pain.

Watch a short video on the results of the trial:

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