Courses and Workshops

Cathie is very happy to run group sessions or workshops for small groups of people, either face to face or online.

She offers a 1 hour introductory session which is very popular with choirs and orchestras. Alternatively, she also offers a 6 week/session Introduction to the Alexander Technique course for groups who are interested in learning a bit more about the Technique. This is a great basis for people to then build on with the experience of private lessons.

Cathie Kidger running an introductory Alexander Technique workshop

The course is designed to fit into a lunch break or after work. The six 30-minute sessions are a great way to learn about the background and principles of the Alexander Technique as well as learning how to start applying them through experiential movement work, body-mapping and discussion.

The course content for each session is as follows:

  1. The History and Evolution of the Alexander Technique
  2. Pausing and Habits
  3. Posture vs. Poise and Balance
  4. Sitting and Computer Use
  5. Moving and Bending
  6. Constructive Rest position

Below are some comments from previous course participants:

Excellent sessions. You are clearly very knowledgeable re Alexander Technique and the sessions were extremely helpful and enjoyable too. Thank you!

It was an excellent introductory course and I have already started making changes in my life.

Thank you for the opportunity. I was really pleased to find out more and the timing, length and clarity of focus made me ensure I fitted it into my busy diary and looked forward to the sessions. Really valuable.

Cathie was very knowledgeable and I thoroughly enjoyed her teaching and communication style. Very useful sessions!

Great introductory course with really friendly tutor. I know it wasn’t about ‘relaxation’ but taking that 30 min slot each week, in the middle of a busy work schedule, was a good antidote to the stresses and strains. A good way to remember to listen to, and take care of, my body.

A proactive approach to stopping, assessing a habit and then stopping again has become a hugely valuable tool in everyday life, both mentally and physically. The steady progression over the weeks has helped build on my personal awareness and allowed me to regain lost confidence in my own body.

If you are interested in finding out more about this course or would like a more bespoke course or workshop, please contact Cathie to discuss your requirements.

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