Cathie teaching the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO)

Being a musician, whether it is on an amateur or professional level, can put huge demands on the mind and body. Instrumental posture, long practice sessions and performance pressure can result in harmful habits, which can lead to pain, poor breathing and difficulties in technique. Having worked with many young musicians, Cathie is all too aware of the problems that can arise from a grueling practice and performance schedule. Neck, shoulder and back pain are particularly common and can be debilitating and frustrating.

Actually, the feeling right after coming out of the lesson is the best part of it - you feel so relaxed and tall, also very calm. Today I learned the ‘monkey’ position, which will hopefully solve the problems with my lower back. A great number of my instruments are not adjustable in height, so I am going to benefit from this position a lot.

Percussionist, European Union Youth Orchestra

The Alexander Technique can be a very valuable tool in aiding a musician to become freer and more balanced, so that he is able to cope with the demands placed upon him, both physically and mentally. Lessons may help a pupil to:

  • Reduce the chance of aches and pains developing
  • Improve breathing
  • Cope with nerves and stage fright
  • Give a feeling of confidence and being grounded
  • Improve the use of the voice in singing or speaking

Cathie has played a wide range of instruments such as the piano, flute, violin, cello and harp and she has also done a lot of singing and worked as a conductor. Therefore, she can offer some knowledge and understanding to players of different instruments and try to help them find more freedom and ease in their playing.

Cathie has a calm authority and absolute attention to the person in front of her. She knows the music profession from the inside which makes her able to engage with problems quickly and intelligently. I felt more equipped to help myself after just two sessions and my worn out back felt softer and more open. I would highly recommend any musician see her, particularly for vital general maintenance and protection against injury.

Lucy, Double Bass Player, 'Lord of the Rings', Drury Lane Theatre

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