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With more people now working from home, there has been an increase in the amount of time spent looking at a screen for meetings and discussions that would normally have been face to face. Eye strain, headaches, RSI and neck, back and shoulder pain can become an issue if we are not aware of how we are using ourselves at the computer. Endless emails and project deadlines contribute to the ever increasing amount of stress and tension that we are feeling which has a knock-on effect with our mental and emotional health.

A pupil at a computer

Learning the Alexander Technique can teach us to be more poised and balanced at our desks, reducing strain on our musculoskeletal system. With an increased self-awareness we can remember to come back to ourselves regularly, observing when the harmful habits start to creep in so that we can stop them and then direct ourselves into a freer and more expansive state, physically and mentally. This gives us the choice to respond with clarity and awareness rather than to react on an automatic, unconscious level.

Cathie has helped NewOrbit focus on something really important. Ours is a high pressure, complex environment, with lots of context switching, lots of meetings and more than our fair share of stress. Using the Alexander Technique she has helped our team focus on our posture and, more than that, how we prepare ourselves and how we engage and use our bodies, day-to-day. The process has proved to me just how much stress manifests, unnoticed, in our posture and how it affects us physically and our feeling of well-being. I have the tools and techniques (and some of the programming) I need to help me move better, feel more balanced and centred. The NewOrbit team are a bunch of computer geeks and mega-brains. Unguided we hunched over keyboards and slouched in chairs and had a high incidence of RSI. The Alexander Technique has already started to help our team reduce the misuse of our bodies and to feel better in our working environment. It’s why we have committed to the long term engagement of Cathie and the commitment to A.T.

Sean, CEO, NewOrbit

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